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I am a Learning & Development Manager for a leader in dental education.
I manage a team of instructional, curriculum, and graphic designers who all help dental leaders thrive by creating relevant and timely content.

  • Name: Sara Tinnick
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Freelance: Available
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Learning & Development Manager - DEO
2021 - Present

Executive & leadership, instructional design, branding, marketing, project management, creation of systems and processes.

Assistant & Adjunct Professor - Seton Hill University
2015 - 2021

Classroom instruction, program management, creation and revision of majors, curriculum development, student advising, tutoring.

Owner - Hustle Design
2019 - Present

Branding, photography, animation, videography, print design, social media management, web design, vinyl product creation.

Program Head - Bradford School
2007 - 2017

Classroom instruction, program management, development of coursework, Apple IT professional in classroom.

Doctor of Education: eLearning/Online Education - North Central University
2018 - 2021

GPA: 4.0 - All academic coursework completed. Dissertation pending.

Master of Science: User Experience Design - Kent State University
2016 - 2018

GPA: 4.0

Master Fine Arts: Media Design - Full Sail University
2015 - 2016

GPA: 4.0 - Valedictorian

Bachelor of Arts: Graphic Design - Seton Hill University
1999 - 2003

GPA: 3.83

Executive Leadership

Project Management



Graphic Design

Instructional Design

Curriculum Design


User Experience

Interaction Design

Adobe Creative Cloud



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get in touch

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Feel free to drop me a line

If you have any questions, if you'd like to collaborate on a project, or even you want to say Hello... please get in touch!


DEO MAP Branding

  • Client : DEO
  • Date : November 2021 - Present
  • Purpose : During the Fall of 2021, DEO made the decision to produce curriculum internally with the help of two partners. This content is DEO intellectual property and marked the beginning of the company's from community to education. The branding was created to represent this shift. Click to view the full brand kit created for DEO MAP. Click to view the DEO MAP Brand Quick Guide.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Instructional Design, User Experience Design, Presentation Design, Social Media Design

Elite Branding

  • Client : DEO
  • Date : February/March 2022
  • Purpose: Brand package for the DEO Elite program. Fonts, colors, and patterns were chosen to evoke a high-end, expensive feel as these members expect a high-quality experience at events.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Instructional Design, User Experience Design, Presentation Design, Social Media Design

Swimming with the Sharks

  • Client : DEO
  • Date : April 2022
  • Purpose : Played at a DEO event, this video advertisted a Shark Tank style future event. I worked with our on-site AV team to mix the audio for maximum impact. This was the first video I've made that recieved applause.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Multimedia Design, Social Media Design


  • Client : DEO
  • Date : August 2022
  • Purpose : To kick off an in-person event at a curriculum launch, this video introduced our members to the information being presented. The script was written by our instructional designer and the voiceover artist was hired through Fiverr.com
  • Used Technologies : Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Instructional Design


  • Client : DEO: Implementation
  • Date : 2022
  • Purpose : Shown at in-person events, this promotional video was highlights the unique elements of the DEO Implementation video to help sales. DEO Implementation is an upgraded membership that allows dental practices to work directly with a DEO MAP Implementer.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe After Effects
  • Category : Branding, Multimedia Design


  • Client : Photodune
  • Date : 02/11/2017
  • Purpose : Promotional video for Pittsburgh-based 80s band. Video clips were shot at previous shows, editted with Premiere, and combined with audio adjusted in Audition. Still photos were edited with Luminar AI and Photoshop. Click to view the 1985 Electronic Press Kit.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoship, Luminar AI
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Multimedia Design, Social Media Design

Lunch Money Buddy Case Study

  • Client : Kent State Course Work
  • Date : 2018
  • Purpose : Complete creation a mobile application for parents to manage their child's school lunches. Creation of: user journeys, site map, and interactive prototype. Click to view Lunch Money Buddy promo site. Click to view the project on my UX Portfolio
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Illustrator, Prototype.io, Adobe After
  • Category : User Experience, User Research, Prototyping, Web Design, Animation, Multimedia Design

DEO Case Study

  • Client : DEO: Prehire Case study
  • Date : May 2021
  • Purpose : Instructional Design case study for hire at DEO. After watching a clearing call, learning materials had to be created along with a reflection video. Click here to view website created for learning materials.
  • Used Technologies : Canva, Google Slides, HTML/CSS
  • Category : Instructional Design, Web Design

Cooke Legal Group

  • Client : Themeforest
  • Date : 2021
  • Purpose : This video celebrated Cook Group's one year anniversary. The medellion logo at the end was created for the video and email signatures to be used within the firm.
  • Used Technologies : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
  • Category : Branding, Animation, Social Media Design