Kent State University - May 2018
Hot Spot Pizza Shop
Usability Testing Recommendations
Let's Go!

Our Goal:

Designing and releasing the best online ordering experience for our customers.


Super Bowl LIII - February 3, 2019

Today's Date:

November 1, 2018

Days Remaining

Our Choices


Complete 2 formative studies ensuring the foundational elements and interactions of our site are sound.
The second test will allow for clarification of our solutions.

Proposed Timeline
  • 11/5
    Develop target user profiles
  • 11/12
    Recruit target user group
  • 11/19
    Develop task-based scenarios
  • 11/26
    Initial test session

  • 12/3
    Iterate solutions
  • 12/17
    Retest session
  • 1/3
    Iteration solutions
  • 2/9


Since early work of the Hot Spot’s website is on our test servers, we can devise major tasks for users to complete. Formative testing will allow us to catch major issues, correct them, and test our solutions before the site goes live.
If we wait and conduct summative testing, we may not have enough time to develop solutions. We will also have no way of knowing if those solutions resolve the errors found in testing. Users may be able to complete their tasks, but they may be frustrated with the process.
According to Esteban Kolsky, if the customers are not satisfied, 13% tell 15+ more people about their poor experience. But! 72% of customers share positive interactions with 6+ people.

Launch a site with a firm foundation
Assures our assumptions about our users are correct
Iterate our site and our solutions
Resolve problems to make the interface more usable
Test the quality of the user’s experience, not just metrics
Solidly tested sites reduce churn